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American Saddlebreds have been very successful in many disciplines and these beautiful, intelligent, and athletic horses have much to offer.

Serenity Saviors Equine Rescue (SSER) believes every Saddlebred deserves a second chance with a loving and forever home. Our goal is to make sure that each adoption is a perfect match for both the Saddlebred and its adopter and that the adopter is prepared for the exciting journey.

Please read through the applicant requirements, adoption application/adoption agreement, barn waiver, and adoption process. If you have any questions or concerns after reviewing the above, please contact us - we are here to help!


Applicant Requirements



  • 18 years of age or older.

  • Make no less than $35,000 a year.

  • Have owned a horse before. Exceptions may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Working with a trainer if you are a beginner rider.

  • Furnish three (3) non-family personal references that are aware of the applicant's horse experience and we prefer that they have been to the facility where the horse will be located.

  • Vet reference that has been to the facility where the horse will be located within the last 3 months. If not, a farm call will be requested of the applicant. A boarding facility's regular vet does not necessarily have to be the applicant's current vet.

  • Farrier reference that has been giving regular care to the applicant's other horses.



  • The facility has at least one half acre of grazing per horse.

  • Shelters must be at least 10ft x 10ft

  • The following fencing will be approved:​

Horse fence aka "no climb fence" (2" x 4" rectangular openings)

White vinyl / poly-tape (at least 6" wide and at least three rails high)

Electric tape / electric smooth-wire (at least four strands high)

Non-barbed, wire fencing (at least four strands high)

All fencing must be at least 48" high



Adoption Process


Step 1 - Request, Complete, and Submit an Adoption Application & $25 Application Fee (which is considered a donation; a donation receipt can be provided upon request) Your adoption application will not be reviewed without the $25 application fee.

Horse-experienced/previous horse owners may submit an application via email or US mail. We do not adopt to those inexperienced with horses/donkeys. Questions are asked about experience and stabling. Veterinarian, farrier, and personal references will be contacted. A farm visit (depending on distance from our facility) and photographs/videos are also part of the approval process. Applicants are required to submit an application prior to visiting our farm, which expedites the process and ensures requirements are met prior to scheduling time aside for the visit.​

Complete the application in its entirety.  

If prefer to send your applications via US mail, you may request the adoption application be mailed or emailed to you and return it to the following address/email:


Serenity Saviors, Inc.

7281 Highway 48

Russellville, AL 35654


The $25 Application fee may be submitted via PayPal (Friends & Family Option) at, by clicking the donate button on this site, or a certified bank draft/money order may be mailed to the above address.  


Step 2 - Board of Directors Approval

Processing time is primarily dependent on the availability of the Adopter's references and completion of the adopter's farm visit. Applicants, please notify your references that they will be contacted by SSER. Applicants are notified of approval status via email or other means.

Step 3 - Choosing a Horse

Our currently available horses are listed on our website. Approved adopters can make an appointment to view the horses or adopt based on the website information and an interview. Adopters who work with trainers are highly encouraged to include them in the selection process.

Step 4 - Adoption Fees

Adoption fees are $500 for donkeys and $1000 for horses. Our horses are adopted to forever homes, they are not adopted to people who wish to flip them, resell them, breed them, send to auction, give away, or cause them harm (ie: sell them to slaughter, neglect/abuse them).  100% of Adoption fees are reinvested in the rescue mission and are NOT refundable.  

Step 5 - The Adoption Contract

Please note that the adoption contract is legally binding for the life of the horse.  The contract will be given or sent to you once it has been decided that you are adopting a particular horse.  Note: The adopter is 100% responsible for safe transportation back to Serenity Saviors if the horse is surrendered/returned.  Application and Adoption fees/deposits are non-refundable.

If the horse will be kept at a boarding facility, the owner of that facility must complete the boarding facility agreement/lien waiver found HERE, prior to the adoption completion. The horse will not leave our care until the full adoption fee is received, the adoption contract is completed and approved, and, if applicable, boarding facility agreement/lien waiver have been executed. 

Step 6 - Transportation

Once a commitment is made, the adopter has seven days to move the horse. A daily board rate is charged beyond this grace period. Transportation is the Adopter's responsibility.  We may be able to offer transportation at this time, depending on distance from our farm.

The adopter must provide the transporter's contact information and coordinate a pickup date and time with SSER prior to pick up.  An approved list of reliable, safe haulers is available by request.  On average, quality haulers charge $2-$3 per loaded mile.  A SSER representative must be at the facility when the transport truck or adopter is scheduled to pick up the horse. The adopter must notify SSER immediately once the horse arrives at the adopter's facility and send photos to us upon arrival via text/email.​ The horse trailer should be at least 7 feet tall, be wide enough to fit the horse comfortably, have proper ventilation, and be sturdy and safe. SSER has the right to refuse loading the horse if the trailer is unsafe or does not meet these requirements (so far, we have not had to deny transportation).

Step 7 - Updates

We pour our hearts and funds into these horses, please update us! We love to hear how our adoptees are doing!  Per the adoption contract, adopters are required to send regular written status reports and updates with clear photos. This helps SSER monitor the horse's condition and progress. Copies of these reports may be sent to our donors to assure them of a successful transition for those horses they donated toward saving. SSER may also post this info on their website, Facebook, or any other media. Random farm checks may also occur to ensure the same.


If you have any further questions regarding adoption, please feel free to contact us.

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