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Founders Allen and Cherina Bornscheuer
  • Allen Bornscheuer is a former VP of International Banking for major world banks and has worked with horses for over 35 years. 

  • Cherina Bornscheuer earned her masters degree in Clinical Psychology and is now living her childhood dream – delivering therapy through horses.

  • Cherina and Allen have married their skills with their mutual love of horses and their desire to make a positive difference in this world.

  • First responders and veterans are close to their hearts:

  • Cherina's father and paternal grandfather were police officers, and her maternal grandfather was a Korean War veteran who earned 2 purple hearts due to injuries sustained in battle. She also has ancestors who were officers in the American Revolution!

  • Allen's father fought in WWII and just prior to World War I, Allen's grandfather was in the mounted infantry and defended our southern border from Mexican raiders.

  • Serenity Saviors Inc. is a 501(c)3 Equine Rescue & Therapy Center which operates out of Serenity Stables in Russellville, Alabama. 

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