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  • What are your Adoption fees?

        Our adoption fees are typically $1000-1500.  We utilize those funds to "pay it 

        forward" to help the next horse in need.

  • Does SSER adopt out of its area?

       Yes, SSER will place horses in any state in the U.S. with an understanding that regular photos and updates          are required, regardless of location. 

  • Can I come to your facility and try out the horses I am considering?

       Yes. We encourage potential adopters to come and visit all the horses. This is the best way to ensure you           get the horse that is right for you. But, if you cannot come for a visit, our professionals are more than                   happy to assist you in your selection!

  • What vet work is done on the SSER horses?

       All horses have had a health certificate and negative Coggins test before they are allowed on our                       property. Once a horse arrives on-site, it is put in quarantine. While in quarantine, the horse is de-                       wormed.  A quick evaluation for soundness is performed. If we find a lameness issue that cannot be         

       corrected by shoeing or brief treatment, we call our vet out to determine the cause of the lameness. Most         horses that come to SSER are basically sound and only require regular farrier trims keep the horse                       comfortable.

  • May I have a veterinarian examine the horse I would like to adopt?

       Yes! We encourage you to have a vet of your choice check out the horse. You will be responsible for the             expense of the exam.

  • Who pays for shipping?

The adopter is responsible for paying for shipping their horse from SSER to their new home as well as the . required health certificate required for shipping, if out of state. SSER will have already paid for a             current negative Coggins test. Ask SSER and we are usually able to help you find a trusted, quality shipper.

  • Can I sell or give my horse away after I adopt it?

NO! SSER does not allow an adopted horse to be sold or given away. If you can no longer keep the horse  for any reason, we require you to ship the horse back to SSER at your expense. However, if you know someone who would like to adopt your adopted SSER horse, you and the interested party MUST contact SSER. We will work with you to see if a transfer of adoption is feasible. All new parties/adopters must be approved by SSER before any exchange of horses. SSER has the right to refuse a transfer of adoption and to require the adopted horse to be returned to SSER.

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