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Caring for the needs of more than 30 equines is an enormous job, one that Serenity Saviors Equine Rescue (SSER) could not accomplish without the help of the Barn Chores Team. Participating in the Barn Chores Team allows volunteers the opportunity to interact directly with SSER horses, learning about horse care first-hand and developing horse-handling skills.

Each day Barn Chore Volunteers assist SSER with a wide variety of chores, including:

  • Feeding horses

  • Sweeping tack room and workshop

  • Side-walking/Leading mounted riders

  • Mowing grass

  • Repair/replace boards/posts

  • Trim branches

  • Clean water troughs

  • Hand walking and grooming horses

  • Networking for sponsorships & donations

  • General organizing and cleaning

To volunteer with us, please send an email with interest to

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