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Serenity Saviors Wish List

There are many items we need at the farm...

Tractor with front end loader, auger, hay cutter and square baler

6"x 8' fence posts

1x6x16 rough cut corral boards for fence rails (Tractor Supply $9.99ea)

8' length roofing tin (used is ok)


Smaller items

50# bags Alfalfa Pellets

Manure/stall forks

Fly spray

Pink Himalayan salt blocks

Cowboy Magic

4' x 6' stall mats

Motion activated spot lights

Donations may also be made on Amazon by clicking our Wish List Here:

Donations for grain may also be made directly to our feed store:

Colbert Farmers Co-Op at 256-661-0983.

Donations for veterinary services can be made directly to Serenity Saviors via PayPal, Venmo at

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